Privacy Policy

At Jace Web Technologies, Inc. we make every effort to ensure the full protection of privacy of our users and the information we gather about them. We consider such website visitor and customer information to be private, and therefore we do not share personal user information with any third parties. We protect information in a manner that meets or exceeds industry standards for information security.

The Types of Information We Gather and How We Use It

Some basic information is automatically collected when you access our websites. This includes information such as the browser and operating system you are using, your IP address, and cookie identifiers. We use this type of information to help us improve the quality of our websites, products, and marketing. We use well-known third-party analytics services for this purpose. This type of information is also recorded in our server access logs, which are used to maintain the quality of our systems and the security of the data we collect. Automatically collected information will be discarded when we determine it is no longer necessary for the stated purposes.

We also collect identifiable information that you voluntarily provide directly to us, e.g. when sending messages, requesting quotes, or submitting data to us for other requests. In some places you may be asked to provide information about yourself. We use this information to fulfill your requests for products and services, to respond to your inquiries or comments, and to offer you other related products, programs, or services that may be of interest to you. We guard this private information, protect it from unauthorized access, and do not share it with third parties. It is stored and processed on information systems in the United States. We will retain this information for as long as it is needed to conduct business with you or until we determine it is no longer relevant for the stated purposes.

The personal data we collect is processed primarily on the basis of our legitimate interests in offering IT services. We reserve the right to access and disclose individually identifiable information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests, to fulfill legal obligations, to operate our systems properly, and to protect ourselves or our users. To further respect your privacy, we may at times request your consent prior to processing your data for some specific purpose, the details of which will be explained at the time of the request.

Management of Personal Information

We respect your personal information and invite you to help us maintain it in line with your wishes. We are available to help you with inquiries regarding our use of personal information. Depending on where you reside, be aware that there may be a government authority or other official agent to which you may file a complaint if you believe someone is misusing your personal information. Cookies

Our websites use cookies to store information in your browser as needed to function properly or for other purposes in harmony with the data processing activities explained in this privacy policy.

Credit Card Management Policy

Jace Web Technologies does not store credit card numbers for purchase transactions. For recurring billing transactions, e.g. monthly services or SSAS, Jace Web Technologies stores the following information: the last four digits of the credit card, expiration date, card type, and a reference to the transaction number. Jace Web Technologies uses a PCI Compliant vendor to process and manage its credit card transactions. This privacy policy is subject to change and may be supplemented or modified.